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Two Roots is very proud to announce they will be backing Harry Mo on his summer tour through The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Many thanks to Lorenzo from Cultivizion and of course Harry Mo for their faith and making this possible.

Harry Mo is a true Reggae artist, not only singing conscious lyrics but living by them as well. The Virgin Islands are sometimes reffered to as the Jamaica of the new millenium, with many gifted Roots Reggae artists. After listening to (and playing) Harry Mo’s music, we’re sure you’ll understand why so make sure you catch one of his shows! Check the calendar for dates. We are looking forward to helping him spread the message of Love, Peace and Inity!

I give thanks and praise to the Most High Jah for making this trip happen for me. I am truly excited, ready and look forward to my up coming 2011 Summer Tour of Europe. Big Raspek goes out to Lorenzo and Cultivizion for having the vision to have me perform for the first time in Holland, Belgium and Germany. Nuff love and Raspek goes out to the Two Roots Band for all their hard work to make the musical presentation of the highest level.
The Blessings I have recieved from the VI and Dominica massive for this tour is very strong and I cant wait to spread some of that Caribbean love and energy with the Roots Reggae fans of Europe. Stay safe and strong reggae people.
I n I soon come. Jah Love!!!
Harry Mo”

About Harry Mo:

“Harry Mo’s musical journey began in his youthful days at elementary school in Dominica where singing was a daily part of the curriculum, and also as a church choir member where he got his first lessons in singing and playing the organ.

Shortly after graduating high school in 1984, Harry Mo gained employment as an elementary school teacher, and a few years later he migrated to the US Virgin Islands. He later joined the US Army and moved to the United States.

While stationed in Germany soon after the Berlin Wall came down, Mo met a Jamaican fellow soldier, who turned him on to Reggae music. The two transferred to Colorado Springs, Colorado and formed the band “Mountain Reggae” which became one of the top bands in the region. Harry Mo later joined roots rock reggae band “Boom Shaka”, touring throughout the U.S., and worldwide to faraway locales like Brazil, Hong Kong and Ethiopia.

In 2003 Harry Mo moved back to the U.S. Virgin Islands and has since released two stellar solo albums: “Run Away Slave” and “Back to Africa”. As a solo artist he’s a noted performer, energizing crowds with high caliber, crystal clear and soulful singing with tight guitar strumming and a captivating energy that lures you in.

Harry Mo is currently recording a third solo album while co-producing and album with the Black Star band.

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