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Leah Rosier

March 22nd, 2012

It’s been (too) long since we last updated the site, but we have been working hard behind the scenes and are very happy to announce we will be playing with Leah Rosier on her live shows! Dates will be announced (the first show has already taken place) later. In the mean time, check out Leah if you haven’t already!
Leah Rosier

Leah Rosier (Feb 28, 1984) sings, writes and performs songs to spread “only irie vibes!”

After teaming up with Dubbhism to release her own productions ’The Real Leah’ (April 2011) and ‘Amsterdam’ (May 2011; featuring Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher) she felt it was time to focus on vocals only, driven by the large amount of  instrumentals she got and still gets offered by various producers.

In June 2011 the track ‘Music Teach Me’ was released, on the Opus Riddim – the debut of the french Rise & Shine Band. Curtis Lynch, owner of Necessary Mayhem Records (UK) also got interested in Leah’s vocals, which resulted in the song ‘Do U Like’ on his Dancehall Style Riddim released in September 2011. She joined two projects to focus on the youth: one with the french Guitoud on a song called ‘True To Yourself (Le Sable de l’Atlas)’ for a project by Fresh Poulp Records to support Moroccan school children, and another focussed on childfriendly Reggae called ‘Kindah’ by Island Stage (US).

And now, to be able to spread even more irie vibes, Leah started her own label called Likkle Green releasing her brand new song ‘Sunny Days’ on the Lie To Me Riddim by Not Easy At All Productions (NL).

Leah Rosier performs her music live with TwoRoots Band (NL), Rise & Shine Band (FR) and various soundsystems like Black Star Sound and Back-A-Wall Sound.

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