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December 26th, 2010

alias RAGGA-PAPA was Born on the 24th of November 1978 in Georgetown (British- Guyana). Moved to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 1982. Ragga’s love for reggae and hip hop music started to grow alarmingly at the age of 11. He was always making beats on plastic surfaces to rap on it with the kids on the block. Eventually he was heard by an American friend with a profesional recording studio (bad news studio) and started recording tracks at the age of 15. In 1999 Ragga P was invited to Cruise Control studio to record a track with R&B group Sat-R-Day called (I’m diggin yo steelo). Steelo became a number one club hit in Germany and sold more than 100.000 copies in 8 countries. In the meanwhile he became a member of the so called CCRyders and started to record in Cruise Control studio. From there on Ragga P was touring in Germany with Sat-R-Day. Soon after that, upcoming R&B artist Ebon-e of the hit single “Pride-and-joy” (featuring beenie man) also asked Ragga P to join him on tour. Ragga P toured around in one year with two R&B groups as support act for big artists like: Keith Sweat, Xzibit, DMX, Mario Wynans, KHIA and more. Due to his busy schedule he still made time to visit various studios to record with top artists in the R&B and hip hop scene. Artists and groups like: Public Announcement, Horace Brown, Ashanti, Sugacane, Brainpower, Ali B, D-men, BRACE, GIO and many more featurings. In 2004 he recorded a new track with Sat-R-Day and turned out to become the single of their album that they dropped in the summer of 2004 included a video that they shot in L.A. Short after this video Ragga P recorded a Dutch spoken track with no. 1 Dutch artist: Def Rhymes that became a hit in Holland, Belgium and Spain Ragga P is not a rapper nor a reggae artist he is more a mix of both. He always wanted to sound different than the rest so he developed his own style and flow (Dutch spoken and English). in 2007 he finally mastered difrent styles, recorded enough songs & featurings and soled together over more than 100.000 copies. Ragga P is ready to be signed at a major record label . Ragga P is a very talented artist and dozen’t settle for less and his hard work throughout the years shows he deserve it to be heard. Alongside The Totally Spice Girls and THE 2ROOTS BAND in his live performances. STRICTLY BASED ON WORLD PEACE AND POSITIVE VIBES!! Ragga P is now a total package and we are proud to present him to the world. For bookings please contact:


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