TwoRoots Reggae Band


In the spring of 2004 Suriname Reggae veteran Kepman (Dordrecht) decided to pick up his old passion, Reggae music. A group of musicians was brought together, and with half of the group having their roots in Suriname and the other half in the Netherlands, the band called themselves TwoRoots. The group recorded their first CD* “In Your Area” in 2006, containing eight tracks of Kepman’s larger repertoire.
Unfortunately Kepman left the group in 2007 for personal reasons and the band was left without a singer and almost broke up, but the love for music was too strong so they decided to continue as a backing band, playing for various artists. Over the years, TwoRoots have worked with Reggae and Dancehall singers Henry P. (Senegal/Germany), Le Prince (Suriname/NL), DJ Blackfoot (Suriname/NL), KevLee (US Virgin Islands), Ras P (Aruba), Ragga-P (British Guyana/NL), Harry Mo (Virgin Islands) and various local artists. Since 2011 we are the main backing band in Benelux for Leah Rosier, a very talented singer from Amsterdam, check her out on !

The sound of TwoRoots is hard to categorize, they play old-school roots-reggae just as easy as modern dancehall, but one thing is sure: the vibes and energy are always present and the band is always looking for improvement of both individual and group skills. All members grew up with Reggae music from very young age and this background enables them to play about any style of Reggae with ease. The atmosphere in the group is great, we communicate directly and honesty but with respect for the other person. No big ego’s or power struggles, just the irie vibes and good music is what you will get if you work with us!

Currently the band consists of the following musicians:

Nico – Drums                                Bertus – Bass guitar                     Rishi – Keys


Bas- Guitar


Dumang – Drums
Andrew – Keys
Ravish – Keys
Jesse – Guitar

Backing vocals:
Sista Yanna

Ravish – Keys : unfortunately our long-time keyboard player has decided to step back from music for a while to focus on other priorities in life, but he is still an honorary member and will be around now and then.

Other musicians who perform with TwoRoots on occasion/request are Ras Kilo (Percussion), Bo (Backing vocals), Samira and Myriam (Backing vocals).

* Copies of this CD are still available, if you are interested drop an email to nico -at- tworoots -dot- nl and it will be sent to you for shipping/packaging costs only (around 3,50 Euro).

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